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Daily fantasy sports are blasting onto the scene of the fantasy sports industry, and with this new game there comes a lot of unknown territory and a lot of unanswered questions. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, “In 2013 there were 33,559,990 people playing fantasy sports in the United States.” A large amount of those players have yet to take on daily fantasy sports. And as more players take the dive into daily landscape, these players will need reliable sources of information about this fast paced game. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran to the game, we only have one intention, and that is to provide you with valuable and reliable information. This will allow you to make key strategic decisions, so that you may have a successful daily fantasy basketball career. Therefore, our mission and sole purpose of this website is to help daily fantasy basketball players take their skills to the next level.

About Ron

I’m Ron and I’m your typical fantasy sports player (a white-collar worker that loves fantasy sports). As an accountant for a major corporation, I have a natural attraction to numbers. So add the two together: accountant + basketball statistics and you get a recipe for disaster – a fantasy sports player that drives his significant other nuts during the basketball season.

I was introduced to the game of basketball over two decades ago, and I am a fan, a player, and a student of the game. I tell people that I bleed black and purple because I’m a huge fan of the Sacramento Kings. And with new ownership in town, I cannot wait to see what the future has in stored for us! Growing up I participated in organized ball, as well as, pickup games. Currently, I’m pursuing my second career at my local park, so if you’re ever in the Northern California area, hit me up and I’ll show you my basketball skills. Lastly, as a student of the game, I’m constantly learning new things, and as with any craft, perfection is achieved through practice, practice, practice, and more practice.

With that being said, I understand the game of basketball at all levels, which has helped me become a successful player in daily fantasy basketball.

About Eric

I’m Eric and much like my older brother Ron, I too work in the financial world as a financial analyst for a bank. No, we’re not twins, he is a couple years older than I am. When I was a kid, my dream was to play basketball at the highest level, whether it was college or the NBA. Unfortunately, my dreams were cut short after being diagnosed with Pectus Excavatuum at the age of 12. I eventually had the necessary surgery, and now all is well. However, the only basketball activities I get involved in are pickup games, organized leagues, and coaching. I guess you can say that I love all aspects of the game, thus anything that involves basketball fills the majority of my free time.

With my passion and love for the game of basketball, I’m a seasoned veteran. Understanding the game through various points of view has helped me become a successful player in daily fantasy basketball. With that being said, I will teach you to learn from my mistakes, in order to help you maximize your success in this new fantasy sports era.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ron@dailydreamteam.com and eric@dailydreamteam.com.

Thanks for reading about us! And cheers to a successful daily fantasy basketball career!

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