Daily Fantasy Basketball Random Thoughts (Week 3)

Week 2 of daily fantasy basketball is officially in the books!  Here are some random thoughts:

  • There are officially no more undefeated teams in the league.
  • Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas are as inconsistent as can be… Or should I say  their Coach Jeff Hornacek is? There’s no real way to understand his rotations other than, who’s hot or not. Thanks for destroying my line Coach.
  • Lance Stephenson – BEWARE. For daily fantasy basketball purposes, he’s very inconsistent. On another note, I know it’s a long season, but it doesn’t seem like he makes his team better at all. Is he worth the 3 years, 27 million? The question has yet to be answered.
  • Stephen Curry – By far, one of the best point guards I have ever seen play the game.  Unfortunately, his daily fantasy basketball value is off the charts.  Try not to catch him on his off shooting night.
  • Anthony Davis – It doesn’t matter who he’s playing, he’ll get his.  Almost feels like he’s a must play regardless of his value/price on your respective daily fantasy basketball platforms.
  • Kyle Korver/Courtney Lee – Splash, splash. Cheap, heavy minutes, performs well. What more can you ask for?
  • Chris Copeland/Jeremy Lamb – Chuckers. Take them while they’re cheap.
  • Deron Williams – Drink an energy drink and don’t sleep on him.
  • Aaron Gordon – The way he hustles and defends, he’s going to be a great player in this league. For daily fantasy basketball purposes, he’s pretty much useless with Tobias Harris, Channing Frye, Kyle O’Quinn on the roster. 
  • Carmelo Anthony – Well… The shots are there, but the makes are not.  It’s going take some time for him to adjust in order to play comfortably within the triangle offense. Looks like he’s starting to finally learn how to pass too with his assist average up to 4.1 per game versus a 2.9 per game average last year.
  • Lebron James & Company – They’ve got some chemistry issues which I’m sure they’ll figure out as the season comes along.. Lebron will continue to be dominant. Kevin Love will continue to be dominant. Kyrie Irving is very questionable. Reports deny any beef with Lebron and Kyrie, but I can see why Lebron would be upset based on Kyrie’s poor shot selection.
  • Chandler Parsons – Yeah, you’re not worth $15 million/year. Your defense is as poor as the way you’re currently shooting.
  • Derrick Rose – First both knees… then now… both ankles? If only you could stay healthy. All the ladies would love to see you return to your MVP form. Do it for them and all the other fans!
  • Carl Landry/Cody Zeller – Although these guys come off the bench, they are extremely undervalued on both formats and help facilitate their respective 2nd unit. 
  • Greg Monroe/J.J. Hickson/P.J. Tucker – Welcome back from suspension.  Is it weird that when I think of Greg Monroe, I think of Greg Oden?  I think they look alike.
  • Steve Nash – Please do everyone a favor and retire. Thanks.
  • Demarcus Cousins – Easily the best big man in the league.  Daily fantasy basketball wise too.
  • Philadelphia D-Leaguers – Tankers. The only consistent player on that roster is Tony Wroten. Avoid everyone else!
  • Spencer Hawes – Softie.
  • Trey Burke – Bust.
  • Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder – Will they even make the playoffs?
  • Ricky Rubio – Rubio’s contract extension couldn’t have come at a better time.  We wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Andrew Wiggins/Jabari Parker – I’m not one bit impressed with your guys game. Elfred Payton is a better daily fantasy basketball player.  I sense a triple double this year from the young guy.

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