Daily Fantasy Basketball Random Thoughts (Week 4)

Daily Fantasy Basketball Random Thoughts (Week 4)

Week 4 of daily fantasy basketball is officially in the books!  Here are some random thoughts:

Michael Carter-Williams – Welcome back MCW! This team misses you, but I’m not too sure if you miss them. The Philadelphia D-Leaguers are still at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to power rankings. Lets hope you can help turn this team around. Go on Mr. Chucker, go on.

Victor Oladipo – Welcome back Dipo!  Just like MCW, start chuckin’ away!

Bojan Bogdanović/Wesley Johnson – Useless. I’ve never seen players play 34+ minutes and produce practically nothing. I just don’t get it.

Eric Bledsoe – On both daily fantasy basketball formats (Fanduel and DraftKings), he is relatively cheap with a very high upside.  They didn’t play him max money for no reason. However, beware of Coach Hornaceks rotations.

Kobe Bryant – Chucker! I don’t blame him either. Their roster has some serious depth issues.  Looks like this team is headed for the lottery, again. 

Lebron James – All hail, King James.

Anthony Davis – No disrespect to AD, but he kind of reminds me of a Loch Ness Monster.  In all seriousness, you’re a must play on all daily fantasy basketball formats. Do you AD, do you.

Rudy Gay – Cha-Ching! Payday has arrived. Very interesting to know that his deal was for $40mil/3-year extension. Talk about cheap in comparison to players like Gordon Hayward, Josh Smith, Chandler Parsons, etc.  I think Rudy is buying into the front office and their vision. Great signing Sacramento!

Deron Williams – He’s starting to look like his old self before being plagued with injuries after joining the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyle Korver – After a very consistent run, I finally picked you on the worst time. Thank Kyle, THANKS.

Brandon Jennings – Heat check. 

Roy Hibbert – He is sooooooooooo slooooooooow up and down the floor. Avoid him at all costs versus any fast paced team.

Rajon Rondo – For daily fantasy basketball players, in my opinion, he is overvalued. Unless he was the only choice in 3 game slate, picking  a player who doesn’t look for his shot (in this case, can’t shoot the ball to save his life) I’d avoid non-chuckers.

Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon – This must be a record for the most injuries in a lottery pick class. My goodness. I will you all a speedy recovery!

Jimmy Butler – You are the man. Last year, I thought your shooting stroke was horrible. From what I hear and watched, looks like you’re shooting with pure confidence.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Keep a very close eye on him. He’s starting to heat up…

Enes Kanter – You’re only good for your offense. Defensively, you’re a liability and need as much help as possible on this side of your game.

Ty Lawson/Kenneth Faried – Don’t sleep on these guys, my gut is telling me that they’re going to simply EXPLODE.

Andre Drummond/Demarcus Cousins – If there was an award to for the league’s best fouler. 

Solomon Hill/Courtney Lee/Ben Mclemore/Ed Davis/Carl Landry/Cody Zeller – Goodbye good value, goodbye. 


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