Week 1 – Player Matchup Series – Oct 28, 2014 – Nov 02, 2014

Week 1 – Player Matchup Series – Oct 28, 2014 – Nov 02, 2014

Since we’ve started playing daily fantasy basketball, we’ve always wondered how certain players perform versus an opposing player of the same position.  The Player Matchup Series is designed to give daily fantasy basketball players an in-depth analysis on key matchups throughout the week. We are firm believers that statistics tell half the story, it’s up to you as players to figure out the qualitative piece.

Below you will find key statistics that we target on a daily basis.

We’re committed to providing you guys with 5 matchups every week from now till the end of the season.  If there’s a particular matchup that you guys want to see during the season, shoot me an email at eric@dailydreamteam.com or tweet us at @dailydreamteam.

Player Matchup Series – SG – Damian Lillard vs Russell Westbrook

Player Matchup Series – SG – Demar Derozan vs Dwayne Wade

Player Matchup Series – SF – Nicolas Batum vs Rudy Gay

Player Matchup Series – PF – Dirk Nowitzki vs Tim Duncan

Player Matchup Series – C – Al Jefferson vs Marc Gasol



















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