Daily Fantasy Basketball Random Thoughts

Daily Fantasy Basketball Random Thoughts

With the daily fantasy basketball season just around the corner here are some random daily fantasy basketball thoughts for the opening week. 

Russell Westbrook – With Durant out, the Wild Wild Westbrook is going to take over this Western Conference all on his own. He’s a machine! Lets hope his knees don’t give out and he has some help on the offensive end.  He should be a load to handle for Damian Lillard, Chris Paul and Ty Lawson on opening week.


George Hill – With Paul George out of the picture, lets hope George hops over the hill.  He didn’t have quite the spectacular season we expected him to have last year, but lets hope he bounces back. Expect Hill to take a lot more responsibility on the offensive end.

Jeremy Lin – Jeremy is primed for a linsane season. With the former two-time MVP out of the picture and Ronnie Price dealing with knee issues, expect Lin to play all the minutes he can handle. Welcome to Hollywood Jeremy!

James Harden – Harden is creating a reputation as Mr. Lackluster Defense.  However, we can always count on him to put the ball in the basket.  We almost feel like he’s a must play every night for daily fantasy basketball, given how many shot attempts he takes. He averaged at least 17 attempts last season.  He’ll get his.



Klay Thompson – All I have to say is… It’s contract season baby!  As a focal point for Team USA this past summer and an strong preseason under new head coach Steve Kerr, he’s going to be MONEY! Literally.  I’d keep him on the daily fantasy basketball radar.

Carmelo Anthony – Well… From what I hear, the man has lost some weight and is looking to embrace the triangle offense. We’re not entirely sure how he’s going to adapt to the system, but we’re very optimistic.  He’s definitely going to need some help this season… Like… a lot.


Tobias Harris – Sleeper. The end.

Anthony Davis – Freak of nature.  I have a strong feeling that he’s going come down with a serious injury. Nonetheless, I fully expect him to have the same type of season he did last year. He’s just so darn expensive in daily fantasy basketball. He has got to score 50FPs in order meet his value.  He’s probably one of very few players who can fill the stat sheet all across the board.

Demarcus Cousins  – It’s Boogie time! He started off his career with a terrible reputation. Coming off a strong 2013-14 campaign and a gold medal in the FIBA Championships, he’s primed to have a HUGE season. I also think that he’s the best big man in the league. 

Chris Bosh – He is going to come back from extinction this season.  I fully expect him play like a Raptor again, as in, his days with Toronto. He has always been extremely talented offensively and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a 20/10 season. 



Lance Stephenson – BUST. I don’t think he’ll come anywhere near the production he got in Indiana.  Overvalued for my daily fantasy basketball taste. 

Philadelphia 76ers – This will be the biggest tip we’ll give you for daily fantasy basketball this season. PLAY ALL PLAYERS VERSUS THEM! They are TERRIBLE. When I say TERRIBLE, I mean, TERRIBLE. It’s almost like playing a D-Leaguers every night. (No offense). Career nights are made versus Philly. 

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